Mom’s morning feeling

Dear Rayhan Aidil and Janeeta Sakinah,

For the coolest boy and the most pretty girl on earth…

Mom fight day to day for the best for you both. It is for the best food, milk, cakes, breads, candies, chocolates, clothings, shoes, hats, crayons, books, holidays, school, and comfort home. Sometimes, Mom feel tired and bored. Sometimes, Mom feel sad while leaving home for work and hearing your cries.

Anyhow, believe Mom love you both so much and do the things only for you. Mom promise to convert it something better where Mom do not need to leave you too long.

For Rayhan Aidil, you will take a school in less than 2 months from now. Is it okay to accompany you at your 1st day, boy? There will be people love you, your teachers and friends. Do not worry.

For Janeeta Sakinah, you’re just 15 months little girl, but you light up Mom’s life. Everytime Mom get angry and sad, you come to kiss and hold naturally.

For whatever happen to us, believe you are lucky. Mom still with you, and Allah never leave us. There are many children outside our home are being unlucky, no food, no milk, no home, no love, and no peace.

Mom wrote this letter to you while listening the song titled ‘forever Palestine’ by Sami Yusuf. The song which Mom sometimes wants you both to listen before sleeping. The song talks about children of Palestine who are fighting for their lives. Why? They live within wars. They lost parents, lost home, but will never lose Allah’s love. They are your brothers and sisters. See how you are much more lucky than them. Mom always cry everytime listening this song. Remembering you, remembering them.

Thank you for being Mom’s light and energy.

Warmest Regards,
Me – The Web Owner

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